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Access to Higher Education

Patricia D. Lopez, PhD.

Access and Affordability to the California State University (CSU) As Chair of the SJSU California Faculty Association (CFA) Political Action and Legislative Committee, I engaged in numerous efforts to advocate for greater access and affordability to for students seeking to enter the CSU system. Alongside Students for Quality Education (SQE) and fellow CFA campus leadership, [...]

Immigration and Higher Education Policy As Chair of the San José State University Political Action and Legislative Committee, I had the honor of working with State Asm. Ash Kalra and members of the 2017 and 2018 California State Legislature on Assembly Bill 21, which makes substantial changes to current statute that requires any private college [...]

California’s Local Control Funding and Accountability Currently I am completing a mixed-methods study examining California’s transition to local control funding and accountability in a Northern California region comprised of 31 districts. Selected (working) publications from this project: Jimenez-Castellano, O., López, P.D. & Rivera, M. (forthcoming, 2019). Guest Editors’ Introduction and Overview: The Politics of K-12 [...]

Culturally Sustaining and Trauma Informed Schools and Classrooms Asato, J. & López, P.D. (in preparation). Trauma Informed and Anti-Racism Pedagogy in the Era of Trump: Teacher Perceptions and Practices. Gómez, P. & López, P.D. (in progress). This Bridge Called Their Back: Latinx Teachers and Racial/Cultural Taxation. [student collaboration] Castíllon, I. & López, P.D. (in progress). Latinx [...]