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Accountability and Assessment

California’s Local Control Funding and Accountability

Currently I am completing a mixed-methods study examining California’s transition to local control funding and accountability in a Northern California region comprised of 31 districts.

Selected (working) publications from this project:

Jimenez-Castellano, O., López, P.D. & Rivera, M. (forthcoming, 2019). Guest Editors’ Introduction and Overview: The Politics of K-12 Local Control Funding and Accountability for Latino and ELL students: Lessons Learned from California. Peabody Journal of Education.

López, P.D. (under review). Affirming Community Voices: The Politics of Local Control and Educational Justice for Minoritized Communities.

High-stakes Testing and Immigrant English Learners

During the 2007-2008 academic year I took part in a qualitative and quantitative study examining the intersectional impacts of of state- and national (NCLB) level policies on high-school English learners and their families. This project was one of select studies funded by the Texas State Legislature and the newly developed, University of Texas Center for Collaborative Educational Research and Policy (UTCCERP).

Selected publications from this project:

López, P.D. (2009). “The Impact of Accountability and Assessment on High School English Language Learners and their Families: The South Texas Border Context.” Center for Health and Social Policy.

Also see:

López, P.D. (2017). Brown v. Board of Education. The SAGE Encyclopedia of Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation. New York, NY: SAGE Publishing.

See Public Scholarship for various expert briefings and written testimonies.