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Critical Pedagogy and Teacher Development

Culturally Sustaining and Trauma Informed Schools and Classrooms

Asato, J. & López, P.D. (in preparation). Trauma Informed and Anti-Racism Pedagogy in the Era of Trump: Teacher Perceptions and Practices.

Gómez, P. & López, P.D. (in progress). This Bridge Called Their Back: Latinx Teachers and Racial/Cultural Taxation. [student collaboration]

Castíllon, I. & López, P.D. (in progress). Latinx Youth Resistance and Coming of Age in the Trump Era. [student collaboration]

Advocating for English Learners

As part of a partnership with the National Education Association (NEA), I was a co-principal investigator in research project centered on advocacy efforts for emergent bilingual/English learner students. This project was guided by two overarching goals and was accomplished in two stages.

The first consisted of a three-and-a-half day summit that convened 40 members—36 of whom were teachers of emergent bilingual students—from across the country (14 states represented). The goal of the summit  was to gain an understanding on the following four over-arching topics: defining advocacy for English learners (ELs); responding to our dynamic environment; taking the pulse of the profession; advocating for student standards.

The second goal of the project was to draw from the experiences and needs of NEA participants as a means to produce an Advocacy Handbook that is focused on demystify policy processes and assist members in working towards social justice and change for emergent bilingual students. Among many things, this work provides an advocacy framework for how to acknowledge and advance the needs of English learners across diverse political arenas.

Selected publications from this project:

Valenzuela, A. & López, P.D. (2013). National Teacher Summit on Advocacy and English Learners. Washington, DC: National Education Association (NEA). Final Report to the NEA Office of Human and Civil Rights.

Valenzuela, A. & López, P.D. (2013). English learners and Advocacy. Washington, DC: National Education Association. Advocacy Handbook to the NEA Office of Human and Civil Rights.

La Clase Mágica

López, P.D. & Valenzuela, A. (2014). Resisting Epistemological Exclusion and Inserting La Clase Mágica into State-level Policy Discourses. In B. Flores, O. Vasquez & E.R. Clark. Generating Transworld Pedagogy: Reimagining La Clase Mágica. Lexington Publishers, Rowman Littlefield Publishing Group.