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A Texas Latina/o Education Agenda: More Money, Better Teachers

Recently, I shared the Senate Hispanic Caucus (SHC) and Mexican American Legislative Caucus (MALC) Latina/o K-12 and Higher Education Policy Agenda. This collaboration between the SHC-MALC Latina/o Education Task Force, 70 participating organizations, and the nearly 200 participants—128 of which are proud Texas bilingual teachers—is an initial step towards reframing state-level policy discourses and debates in Texas public and higher education.  

Among the top public education policy priorities and directions identified are: School Finance; Teaching Quality; School and District Accountability; Access to Curriculum; High-stakes Testing; Preserving Public Education.

Top higher education policy priorities and directions: Access to Higher Education; Funding Capacity, and Expansion of Higher Education; Student Retention and Completion; and College and University Climate.

Here’s the link to the complete agenda: Latina/o K-12 and Higher Education Policy Agenda.

Also consider reading the recent Texas Observer article, “A New Agenda for Texas’ Hispanic-Majority Schools” by Patrick Michels

-Patricia D. López, Ph.D.