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A Latina/o K-12 and Higher Education Policy Agenda in Texas

It is with great honor that I share the Senate Hispanic Caucus (SHC) and Mexican American Legislative Caucus (MALC) Latina/o K-12 and Higher Education Policy Agenda.

As the Principal Investigator of the research agenda and Co-chair of the SHC/MALC Education Task Force, it has been a privilege to collaborate with the 70 participating organizations and the nearly 200 participants—128 of which are proud Texas bilingual teachers—that took the time to be a part of this process. Their time and commitment to advancing a much-needed paradigm shift in state-level policy is invaluable.

You can view, download, and share the Agenda here: http://issuu.com/txlatinoedpolicy/docs/shc_malc_edu_task_force_agenda_fina/0

When navigating the online site, it’s best to click far right logo with diverging arrows, which lets you enter full-screen mode. This mode will also allow you download and share the Agenda on social media by clicking the “share arrow” next to the circled “x”.

Also consider checking out the Texas Observer’s recent article, “New Agenda for Texas’ Hispanic-Majority Schools.” 

– Patricia D. López, Ph.D.